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Italian Granite Colours, Porphyrys, Quartzites & Sample Images

Welcome to our directory of 76 Italian granites, 10 porphyrys and 5 quartzites. We have listed the colours on five pages as follows:

A to G : Anzola To Ghiandone Valmasino
G to R : Giallo Calabria To Rosso Pantheon
S to V : Salpe To Viola Calabria
Porphyry : Andreaner To Voeraner
Quartzite : Bargiolina To Sankt Jakob Dark

Please note that some colours are duplicated by their popular trading names.


It must be noted that not every colour is widely available for various reasons.

Porphyry Quarry Image Granite Gangsaw Image Quartzite Paving Image Porphyry Cubes Image Granite Countertop Image Granite Factory Image
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